Get your yoga on.

Below is my public teaching schedule at Castle Hill Fitness‘ downtown and 360 (Westlake) locations. Click on the links in the calendar for more details.

I am also available for privates, group classes, special events, yoga therapy, and corporate programs. Consider booking a private if you:

  • Are a beginner yogi looking for more knowledge on alignment and personalized attention before entering a public class
  • Are an intermediate student looking to expand your practice with more advanced asanas, such as arm balances and inversions
  • Are an advanced student interested in guidance to develop your own home practice
  • Have an injury or special condition and would like to receive modifications for your yoga practice (specialties include yoga for anxiety/depression and chronic pain)
  • Are pregnant, post-natal, or a senior interested in a yoga practice tailored to your specific needs
  • Want to treat yourself to a fun, nourishing time!

Email for rates and more info: